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Questions to ask the Free Palestine brigade... - Masada Shall Not Fall Again
Am Yisrael Chai!
Questions to ask the Free Palestine brigade...
My question to the 'Give Palestinians Arabs their land back' brigade is this:-

Why are not you also campaigning for the Arabs to give Jew's their land back too?

Do you realise that before Israel was set up the region had both Muslim Palestinians and Jewish Palestinans living there?

Do you also realise that when the Palestinian mandate was split, the Arabs got the lions share (Trans-Jordan Palestine), and the Jews got the small, marshy bit?

Was it sneaky of the Arabs to rename Trans-Jordan Palestine into just Jordan, therefore claiming the Jews had stolen all of Palestine, when in fact the Arabs have the majority of it under a new name?

Should the Arab League take responsibility for refusing the 1948 UN partition plan on the grounds that "Arab leaders threatened the Jewish population of Palestine, speaking of "driving the Jews into the sea" and ridding Palestine "of the Zionist Plague"

Is it fair for the Arab Palestinians (who already have an independant state in Trans-Jordan Palestine, now just Jordan), to also want an independant state in the section given to the Jewish Palestinians?

Is it fair to only talk about the plight of the Arab Palestinans were exiled, and not the Jewish Iranians/Iraqis etc who were also exiled?
(Jews were kicked out of their respective farms and homes all around the Middle East, when
the Arabs conspired to exile all Jews from 1948-1970. They were forced to move to Israel.)
Is it fair for the Arab countries to kick the Jews out of their respective countries, force them to migrate to Israel, and then support the destruction of Israel?

Should the Palestinians take any responsibility for refusing to accept the proposals for independance in 2000? (whether you agree with the proposal initially set out, the Palestinians never made a counter proposal).

Lets see if any of you can answer these questions, without name calling or defamatory remarks about me or my perceived political beliefs...





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